Saturday, October 14, 2017

Eric Michael! We need to talk.

Do you ever just need a helluva spanking just to clear your mind, settle your nerves, and handle a situation?  Uh, I'm there.

Eric has been gone for awhile and if all goes well he'll be back on Thursday.  Thank goodness for my band of thieves.  At last count, I think I am due 170 swats and boy am I ready.  I'm wound so tight right now it literally seems impossible for me to make a rational or logical move.

Eric is my HOH and I've mentioned this before.  He can scold me, punish me, put me in the corner; the list goes on and on.  He can and has done it all but never once, not one single time, has he ever made me feel disrespected or under valued.  My boss at work, on the other hand, has a habit of it.

No need to bore you with the details but my boss can be very degrading and when he made his way to my office and decided to pick apart the way I speak, the educated ideas I have, and the value I provide, I walked out on him.  Literally got up and left my own office after telling him that nobody deserves to be made the way I feel at work.

When I relay this story to Eric, I know he will remind me that he has been telling me for years to stand up for myself and to document every single time my boss makes me feel this way.  I've finally done it.  I just don't know what the ramifications will be.  I hope Eric is proud of me, though at the moment I'm wondering if the risk I took will prove to be not at all worth the reward.  I truly love my job and would hate for it to change or worse, go away.  The straw broke. I just couldn't take the abuse anymore.

On Thursday, Eric and I will "talk".  By then I'll know the consequences of my actions at the J-O-B and I'll be even more ready for a reset, courtesy of my Band of Thieves.  Stay tuned!


Saturday, September 30, 2017

"Amy Lynn! You little thief!"

I admit it.  I was quite proud of the fact that I "lifted" a great Meme from Jz, who had taken it (with permission) from Olivia.  It was fun and the more bloggers who jumped on board and joined our band of thieves, the happier I felt.  Why, I loved having partners in crime and I wasn't afraid to say it, even brag about it to Eric, who was being rather silly between layovers.

"Amy Lynn!  You little thief!" he chided.  "What if the other HOH's find out you are the one who instigated this robbery and led their wives into a life of law breaking tendencies?!"

"Is stealing a Meme really breaking the law?" I asked.

"Aaaaamy!" Eric used the long version of my vowel in his warning against the mouthy questioning of authority.

"Show me the penal code," I demanded.

Eric responded, with a laugh, "You said penal."

Oh brother.  Once a man, always a man.

We bantered back and forth about twenty minutes more and then his flight was called.

"I've got to go," he said hurriedly and I pictured him gathering up his coffee cup, laptop case, roller bag, newspaper, and phone; reluctant to end the call but needing to slip back into work mode.

"You tell your fellow thieves that when I get home," Eric threatened in a most delicious tone of voice, "Ms. Amy Lynn is going to get her ass reddened, ten swats for each partner in crime."

So dear blog friends, allow me to THANK YOU all for playing along, as I now certainly have something to look forward to upon Eric's return.  Oh, and for those of you who have slipped "into a life of law breaking tendencies", my bad! Please accept my apologies.


Friday, September 29, 2017

Ten days too fast

Eric is packing for another long trip.

Image result for suitcase clipart

There is a very lucky airplane carrying my husband away tomorrow morning.

Image result for airplane clipart

I want to pout and throw a fit but we've had such a good time, I really can't be bad right now.

Image result for bad girl clipart

Lucky for me, badness is not the only indication that this girl is going over Eric's knee.

Image result for spanking clipart
It's looking like one of these nights:

Image result for good bye sexy spanking clipart

Good night friends.

Image result for goodnight